The Challenge


If culture and new ways of working are at the heart of your transformation and your current culture is getting in the way of achieving results it is likely that your organisation will really struggle to sustain the achievement of your transformation objectives.

You are less likely to be able to meet the needs of your consumers or customers, create the kind of experiences and impactful outcomes you envision for your organisation and are unlikely to effectively manage resources and risks if your current culture is creating barriers, obstacles or lacking the level of maturity required to lead a systemic change.

People challenges and risks or cultural tensions, when not addressed, can negatively impact your bottom line and cause reductions in your employer, industry/sector brand or investor and consumer sentiment.

Better understanding your organisational maturity and culture, unlocking cultural tensions and unleashing the potential of your organisation will help you more effectively achieve your organisation’s Strategic Intent.

There is an absolute business imperative for organisations leaders to be capable and committed to navigating through the Blue Zone and creating the conditions and organisational capabilities will help you better achieve your Strategic Intent or what we term achieve ‘Results Through Culture’.

The ability of your organisation to achieve results is greatly increased when you clearly identify your organisational risks and challenges and harness your strengths to address tensions that may exist and build a roadmap for transformation that is based on your cultural maturity and readiness.

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