5i Leader Program – Building Leadership Cability in Shaping and Leading ‘Results Through Culture’

The 5i Leader Program raises your Leader’s understanding and capability in leading culture. Specifically they will understand how their ways of showing up are enabling or preventing the unleashing of brilliance in your organisation and degree to which your teams are able to achieve Result Through Culture rather than in spite of the culture that exists. Leaders play an important role in shaping and guiding culture and they are integral to the creation of the Cultural Conditions and Organisational Capabilities required for achieving your Strategic Intent. We coach and partner with your leaders to play an active role in the shaping of culture and support them in determining the best possible strategies for success.

Brilliant Teams Program – Building Confident, Courageous & Cohesive Teams Ready and Willing to Achieve ‘Results Through Culture’

The Brilliant Teams program aims at supporting your teams in having the clarity and aligned purpose and ways of working. It is a workshop that can be facilitated remotely/virtually or in person. We partner with your leaders to understand some of the people challenges and risks that might be in place and we design a program that would have the most positive impact and influence on the team coming together courageously and having the level of commitment and clarity required to deliver their work well.

Unleashing Brilliance – A Playbook for Transformation that Requires a Cultural Shift or Fundamental New Way of Working

This playbook is a cultural transformation playbook based on 25 years of experience leading cultural shifts in organisations and applying the practices that encourage collaboration, creativity and collective ownership of the achievement of change. The practices, processes and tools in the Unleashing Brilliance Playbook are energised by your commitment to ensure those involved in or impacted by change understand, believe and know what to do. It leverages Human Centered Design, Change, Lean and Agile practices and supports the experiential and co-created leading of cultural change using the 5 Leadership Competencies of Intent, Insight, Integrity, Influence and Inspiration to support the achievement of Results Through Culture that is Leader Led and Collectively Owned.

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