Approach & Framework


Lisa partners with you to:

1. Understand your current cultural maturity and partner with your leaders to prepare for the role they play in shaping culture and achieving Results Through Culture.

2. Unlock the people risks or tensions that might be getting in the way of results and preparing leaders and teams for new ways of working or a necessary cultural transformation.

3. Unleash the potential that exists in your organisation and facilitate a cultural shift with and through your people.

The diagram below lays out the focus areas and outcomes that you can expect to go on as you embark on your necessary cultural shift or transformation. These are individualised to your organisational needs based on where you are on your culture maturity and transformation journey. With a clear understanding of your needs, together we will put together an approach, timeline and outcomes that responds to your unique needs and required shifts.


Transformation that has culture or ways of working at its core is underpinned by The Results Through Culture Framework. It is the framework that underpins the leadership and team coaching we do and diagnostic tool we have created to assess your organisations cultural maturity and the extent to which you have created the conditions for success and put organisation capabilities in place to enable the achievement of results.

The Core Competencies, Cultural Conditions, Organisational Capabilities and Delivery Channels become your guide and aspiration when leading your organisation to achieve Results Through Culture.

The aim is to have you moving along the cultural maturity continuum to the point that you have them deeply embedded in your organisation and you are seen as an industry or sector leader in the realisation of results through culture.

Specifics about this framework and what it may mean for your organisation as you prioritise and resource your cultural shift are shared with you when we deliver workshops to your leaders. After the preliminary workshops, we are available to coach and build the capability of Leaders and facilitate and guide Teams and Change Champions in their role of achieving results and the creation of a culture that unleashes the brilliance that exists across your organisation.

A guiding principle of the work we do is to raise your internal capability and capacity for achieving results and leading cultural shifts. We guide and partner with your internal resources and mentor or coach for as long as necessary to ensure you are realising the benefits of your cultural shift.

The Cultural Conditions are the fundamental goal of having a ‘Results Through Culture’ culture. One that is consistently focussed on creating the conditions for collective success. Where your success happens effectively and efficiently with and through your people and your leaders are respected for enabling and energising the collective brilliance of your organisation to unleash its potential. These are the Cultural Conditions of the Results Through Culture Framework.

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