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Intent Global Work

Our work is to guide leaders, teams and organisations in the process of closing the gap between their strategic intent and lived operational norms. We believe the lack of congruence between organisational intent and the behavioral norms that are lived in organisations are causing systemic dissatisfaction, angst and pain in organisations, not to mention preventing the achievement of performance outcomes.

We help organisations gain clarity of where they are going, where they need to be and their strategic intent. We then unearth the areas where organisational norms, culture and operational processes are not aligned with your strategic intent. We work with leaders and teams to build mechanisms for closing the gap and enabling authentic, transparent and productive social, financial and business outcomes.

We are inspired when leaders lead authentically, when they transparently say what they will do and courageously do what they say they would.

Leaders who are willing to learn more about the challenges and opportunities that exist within their organisations are courageous. When they are able to see the value of leading their teams to creatively solve these challenges; that gives us goosebumps! We want more of that and we are on a mission to make it a reality everywhere we work.

At times boards, executives and people leaders can be heard to say “people are our most important asset” or “our customer needs are a priority to us”. These statements are said but at times difficult to achieve or demonstrate when it comes to leading organisations through change. We are committed to working alongside leaders who want to realise their human centered intentions.

We guide the business and program side of transformation and help diagnose and understand your degree of readiness for transformation. We build strategies and solutions for ensuring your transformation is human centered and enables commitment and the deep embedding of transformation outcomes.

Our work is driven by a belief a human centered approach to leadership:

  • increases engagement of internal and external stakeholders
  • involves them in the definition of success and the requirements of change
  • places boards, executives and people leaders in a better position to collectively sustain the transformation outcomes
  • shifts the organisational culture through increased levels of ongoing commitment to the transformation

We believe that playing an infinite game when it comes to leading transformation can fundamentally shift the outcomes of that transformation. The program and delivery outcomes may be finite but culture, leadership and organisational results must be led with a longer term vision in mind. We guide the development of infinite leadership strategies and activities in the midst of finite timelines, metrics and program outcomes.

We work with Boards, Executives, People Leaders and Change Leads and offer simple tools, metrics and strategies to realise their intention of taking a human centered approach to achieving transformation.

Interested in Learning More?

Intent Global has programs and services to assist you in realising your intentions, celebrating achievements and inspiring inclusive excellence across your organisation and industry.

Intent Global is a purpose driven organisation. Ask us for more details of how our ‘striving startup’ and ‘not for profit/for purpose’ organisation partnership model works. For every program sold, we invite you to partner with a ‘striving startup’ or a ‘not for profit/for purpose’ organisation at 50% the usual cost.

If you are curious and feel like you’d like to know more, get in touch and I will walk you through the services, programs and supports I can offer your organisation or you as an individual leader or change lead.

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Culture and Team Effectiveness



Sustainable change often requires a cultural shift.  Leaders and teams must come together to lead and co-create the integration of the new ways of working and operating.  Culture and team effectiveness is the glue that holds the transformation and realised intentions together.  

Are you willing to get real and be honest about the things that you and your organisation are doing that enables or hinders the sustained achievement of outcomes? 

We support you in co-creating your new cultural reality.  We will work together to shape your desired future state and stop insulating your leaders and employees from the reality of changes required to make transformation of your culture and ways of working real. People support what they help to create, not what they help to implement so it is crucial that you are willing to engage your stakeholders in making change that sticks.

Human Centered Transformation



A learning organisation is a more resilient and responsive organisation.  In an environment where change must be a constant reality we are required to do what we can to continue to evolve our organisational people practices, processes and systems along with the services and products we take to market.  

Are you ready to evolve your organisation, find efficiencies and support the inevitable requirement for development, transformation or change?

We help clarify the need for and outcomes of change and support you in building the resources and capabilities required to achieve it. We work together with you to clarify the needs, scope the focus, plan the sequence and effort and achieve the outcomes in a way that your organisation can utilise the resources available to you an make change stick beyond your go live date. Have it become something that your leaders and employees are committed to and can maintain when the transformation program comes to an end.  With a long background in working together with all levels of leadership and employees to bring about sustainable change and transformation we are comfortable navigating highly complex transformations and organisational environments and able to coach you through these complexities. 

Leader, Group and Individual Coaching



At times we get in our own way, either consciously or unconsciously.  Our style may not be having the impact we intended.  We may need to understand ourselves better to leverage our true potential and bring out the greatest potential in others. 

Are you perhaps not achieving the outcomes you know are possible?

We partner with you and support you in gaining more insight.  Through coaching, 360 degree assessments and other awareness building techniques, we will work together to build a plan and put it into action so you are excited and ready to realise your full potential. 

Once you have a clearer sense of where you are currently and what it will take to get you to where you want to go, Lisa will support your efforts toward excellence and having the kind of impact and influence you want to have in your organisation, with your team and the world around you; congruent with your values and reflective of your best self. 


Intent Global is a purpose driven organisation. Ask for more details about how our ‘striving startup’ and ‘not for profit/for purpose’ organisation partnership model works.

We offer a number of online and face to face learning programs; advisory and coaching services which center around our mission to raise leadership and organisational capability in leading through change in a human centered way. We offer a number of online and face to face learning programs; advisory and coaching services which center around our mission to raise leadership and organisational capability in leading through change in a human centered way.

We also offer inclusive excellence programs which are aimed at increasing your organisations readiness for innovation and leveraging the unique capabilities and styles of your employees and leaders.

If you’d like to know more about my programs or understand how Lisa can support the transformation work of your Senior Leaders, People Leaders and Change Leads please contact her at

Programs are available for individuals, teams or an entire organisation or program. Once we have a better understanding your organisational context and the specifics of your transformation we are happy to cater the development programs to your unique needs and industry specific requirements or case studies.

To download a list of current programs and services available click here

Click here to book a program or service

Human Centered Transformation (HCT)

A framework and approach for leading Human Centered Transformations in organisations supported by tools, templates, metrics, roadmaps and workflows

This program is geared toward Change Leads and Business Leaders who are required to deliver change and transformation in their organisation.

The resources available currently are whitepapers, workbooks, videos, toolkits, templates, online learning, webinars, group and one on one mentoring and coaching. There is a book and guide in the works to be published at a later date.

8 Knots – Blueprint for Human Centered Leadership

A blue print for people leaders which provides tangible guidance on how to lead their organisation or teams through crisis, transformation or changes in a human centered way.  The aim is to build capability and understanding of human centered leadership practices.  The aim being to increase engagement and enable the readiness, commitment and resilience of their teams and the organisation.

This program is aimed at supporting Senior Leaders, Business Leaders, Change Leads who have a requirement to lead and guide customer or people centric outcomes.

The program is modular and individualised to your organisations needs.  Speaking engagements, training, facilitated team labs, coaching or advisory are all available as options.  The training can be delivered face to face or virtually and includes a workbook and blueprint for the tangible things leaders can do to be more human centered in their leadership of change.  Download this PDF if you’d like to know a bit more about the 8 Knots Blueprint for Human Centered Leadership Program.

Click here to download PDF overview

8 Knots – Blueprint for Human Centered Leadership

This is a leadership development program that can be delivered face to face with your leaders as a two day intensive or virtually over the course of 6 weeks. It includes videos, webinars, coaching and tool-kits to support the creation of your own individualised road-map.

The program can be catered to your organisation or industry if you have more than 10 leaders participating.

If you are interested in upcoming public dates please reach out to us.

This program qualifies for our purpose led program offering and we would be happy to work together with you to partner with a not for profit or striving startup. If you’d like to learn more about this program you can email Lisa at

Three Dots Coaching Program

Three dots coaching services in the areas of leadership, culture, transformation, transition, organisational development and team effectiveness.

Outcomes are achieved through clarity and a commitment to the pursuit of performance and potential. A willingness to acknowledge the need for improvement and leverage the strengths we bring individually and when working together is the key to organisational performance and results.

Each of us has strengths that we can choose to leverage and develop to assist us in realising our intentions. My aim with Three Dots is to harness your individual and collective strengths and support you on your journey toward excellence. The self you are committed to becoming to have the kind of impact on your team, your organisation and the world that you know is possible.

The Three Dots coaching program offers coaching sessions plus multiple other levers you can pull to design a program and build a network that would best support your development journey. Download this PDF if you’d like to know more about the Three Dots Coaching Program.

With a belief that anything is possible and with commitment to action you will be able to achieve your objectives.

Click here to download PDF overview

The Three Dots Coaching Program

Lisa’s aim with Three Dots is to harness individual and collective strengths and support individuals on their journey toward the achievement of results in line with organisational values and guiding principles.

She works with people leaders, transformation leaders, entrepreneurs and high potential employees who are dedicated to their growth and performance outcomes.  At the core of the coaching Lisa does is her belief that everyone already has at their disposal what they need to achieve excellent outcomes, even in the face of volatility, uncertainty, chaos or ambiguity. 

Lisa’s objective is to work together to identify and address blockers, unlock potential and harness capabilities. She works together with individuals to design an action plan and accountability framework that works best for them to demonstrate tangible shifts. Shifts that are identified based on their increased understanding of where they are now, compared to where they need to be to succeed.

If this sounds like something you’re ready for then let’s schedule a 1:1 consult call to get to know each other better and decide a good way forward.

About Lisa

Lisa A. Morgan

Founder & CEO

You can learn more about Lisa’s professional experience on LinkedIn at

Lisa A. Morgan is the CEO of Intent Global Pty Ltd and founder of the Three Dots Coaching and 8 Knots Human Centered Leadership and Human Centered Transformation programs and services.

Lisa is passionate about taking a human centered approach to transformation and believes that doing so enables organisations to sustain the outcomes of transformation while positively engaging those most impacted by the changes. Lisa brings a wealth of experience leading people practices and change in complex environments.  She is very aware of how taking a human centered approach to leadership and a commitment to the infinite game more than the finite one helps to not only achieve longer term outcomes, the outcomes leave a more positive and lasting impact on the world we live and work in. Lisa’s facilitative and stakeholder centric approach supports the achievement of complex organisational transformations especially those which require a significant cultural, mindset or behavioural shift.

Lisa’s career has had her working in multiple industries including financial services, oil and gas, media, transportation, mining and resources, healthcare, state and local government and professional services. Lisa holds a Masters Degree in leadership and organisational development with a focus on sustaining transformation through co-created and collaborative change practices.

Along with her Masters degree, Lisa is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a member and graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, International Change Management Institute and an accredited member of both the Australian and Canadian HR Institutes. She is an accredited Leadership Circle practitioner, coach and BeingFirst and People Change Implementation (PCI) change practitioner.  She is a graduate of the Darryl Conner Advanced Change Practitioner program. She brings experience in Lean, Project Management and Agile and ICCPM Systems Thinking and Complex Project Management.

We have a choice of seeing challenges in our lives as a full stop or three dots.  When blockers or challenges occur, we can give up or design and plan a new direction and plan for our lives – focusing on the next steps, the potential, the three dots.

Lisa A. Morgan

Lisa has worked with the following industries and organisations:

  • RioTinto – Mining
  • Thiess – Mining & Construction
  • Wesfarmers – Mining & Resources
  • Curragh – Mining
  • TransCanada Pipelines – Energy & Resources
  • Shell – Energy & Resources
  • PetroCanada – Resources
  • BC Hydro – Energy
  • The City of Calgary – Local Government
  • Provincial Health Services Authority – Health
  • Western Australia Country Health Services – Health
  • Aurizon – Transport & Logistics
  • Blackwoods – Industrial Supply
  • Telstra – Telecommunications
  • Fairfax Media – Media
  • Auto & General – Insurance
  • Suncorp Bank – Banking & Insurance
  • Royal Bank of Canada – Banking