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Our Work

Our work is to guide leaders, teams and organisations in the process of closing the gap between their strategic intent and lived operational norms. We believe the lack of congruence between organisational intent and the behavioral norms that are lived in organisations are causing systemic dissatisfaction, angst and pain in organisations, not to mention preventing the achievement of performance outcomes.

We help organisations gain clarity of where they are going, where they need to be and their strategic intent. We then unearth the areas where organisational norms, culture and operational processes are not aligned with your strategic intent. We work with leaders and teams to build mechanisms for closing the gap and enabling authentic, transparent and productive social, financial and business outcomes.

We are inspired when leaders lead authentically, when they transparently say what they will do and courageously do what they say they would.

Leaders who are willing to learn more about the challenges and opportunities that exist within their organisations are courageous. When they are able to see the value of leading their teams to creatively solve these challenges; that gives us goosebumps! We want more of that and we are on a mission to make it a reality everywhere we work.

At times boards, executives and people leaders can be heard to say “people are our most important asset” or “our customer needs are a priority to us”. These statements are said but at times difficult to achieve or demonstrate when it comes to leading organisations through change. We are committed to working alongside leaders who want to realise their human centered intentions.

We guide the business and program side of transformation and help diagnose and understand your degree of readiness for transformation. We build strategies and solutions for ensuring your transformation is human centered and enables commitment and the deep embedding of transformation outcomes.

Our work is driven by a belief a human centered approach to leadership:

  • increases engagement of internal and external stakeholders
  • involves them in the definition of success and the requirements of change
  • places boards, executives and people leaders in a better position to collectively sustain the transformation outcomes
  • shifts the organisational culture through increased levels of ongoing commitment to the transformation

We believe that playing an infinite game when it comes to leading transformation can fundamentally shift the outcomes of that transformation. The program and delivery outcomes may be finite but culture, leadership and organisational results must be led with a longer term vision in mind. We guide the development of infinite leadership strategies and activities in the midst of finite timelines, metrics and program outcomes.

We work with Boards, Executives, People Leaders and Change Leads and offer simple tools, metrics and strategies to realise their intention of taking a human centered approach to achieving transformation.

Interested in Learning More?

We have programs and services to assist you in realising your intentions, celebrating achievements and inspiring inclusive excellence across your organisation and industry.

We are a purpose driven organisation. Ask us for more details of how our ‘striving startup’ and ‘not for profit/for purpose’ organisation partnership model works. For every program sold, we invite you to partner with a ‘striving startup’ or a ‘not for profit/for purpose’ organisation at 50% the usual cost.

If you are curious and feel like you’d like to know more, get in touch and I will walk you through the services, programs and supports I can offer your organisation or you as an individual leader or change lead.

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