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Results through Culture and Unleashing Brilliance



Our work is to guide leaders, teams and organisations through the blue zone – the journey between their stated Strategic Intent and realisation of that Intent.

We believe that CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, COURAGE, CURATION and CLIMATE are key cultural enablers of having a strong culture that makes it possible for organisations to achieve their Strategic Intent when, how and with whom they need to.

Left unattended, this blue zone of human dynamics, ways of working and leadership or behavioral norms can cause systemic disengagement and dissatisfaction, angst and pain; possibly preventing the effective achievement of performance outcomes and objectives. The experiences created, not just for customers, but also leaders, teams and individuals is shaped by how organisations manage their way through this blue zone.

We help organisations gain clarity of where they are going, where they need to be and how they will achieve their Strategic Intent.


The Culture Barometer helps you understand your culture and ways of working. The process and tools of The Culture Barometer help to highlight your areas of cultural strength to leverage in achieving your Strategic Intent. They also help to unearth your cultural risk areas or shadows – the areas where your organisational norms, culture and operational processes may not be aligned with your desired outcomes.

The findings and recommendations put forward in The Culture Barometer report will give you a clear sense of how where you building a strong culture and demonstrating the indicators of these enablers on a day to day basis and where you may need to put some energy into shifting your cultural paradigms to ensure you are in a better position to achieve your Strategic Intent.

We can facilitate your leaders and teams in the creation of a roadmap and help diagnose and understand your degree of readiness for cultural changes and new ways of working. We build strategies and solutions that are human centered and encourage shared commitment.


Through training, coaching and facilitation we work with you to build the capability and confidence of your leaders and teams so you can UNLEASH their BRILLIANCE through co-creation.

Our diagnostic, learning, facilitation, coaching and advisory services revolve around the desire to see organisations unleash their potential and UNLEASHING BRILLIANCE through shared commitment and accountability to achieving the organisations Strategic Intent, specifically we work with you to drive toward three key outcomes: CULTURAL BRILLIANCE, LEADER BRILLIANCE AND COLLECTIVE BRILLIANCE. We lead you through 4 keystages






We are inspired when leaders lead authentically, when they transparently say what they will do and courageously do what they say they would. Leaders who are willing to learn more about the challenges and opportunities that exist within their organisations are courageous. When they are able to see the value of leading their teams to creatively solve these challenges; that gives us goosebumps! We want more of that and we are on a mission to make it a reality everywhere we work. At times boards, executives and people leaders can be heard to say “people are our most important asset” or “our customer needs are a priority to us”. These statements are said but at times difficult to achieve or demonstrate when it comes to leading organisations through change. We are committed to working alongside leaders who want to realise their human centered intentions.

Our work is driven by a belief that a human centered approach:

• increases engagement of internal and external stakeholders

• involves those required to make a change in the definition of success and the requirements of change

• places Boards, Executives and People leaders in a better position to lead the achievement of results with and through their people

• unleashes the potential of our teams and encourages a higher degree of commitment and engagement in the achievement of your Strategic Intent.

We believe that playing an infinite game when it comes to leading transformation can fundamentally shift the outcomes of that transformation. The program and delivery outcomes may be finite but culture, leadership and organisational results must be led with a longer term vision in mind. We guide the development of infinite leadership strategies and activities in the midst of finite timelines, metrics and program outcomes.


Lisa A. Morgan

Strategist, Provocateur & Partner in Unleashing Brilliance.

Coaching and mentoring leaders and organisations through complex cultures and confronting challenges to achieve results & realise potential.

Lisa A. Morgan is the CEO of Intent Global Pty Ltd. and Founder of The Culture Barometer and Brilliance Hub

Lisa helps organisations gain clarity of their strategic intent: where they are, where they are going and where they need to be. She is able to facilitate the unearthing of areas where norms, culture or operational processes are not aligned with an organisation’s strategic intent.  Lisa works together with leaders and team members to chart a course and framework for closing the gap and enabling high performance in the pursuit of social, financial and organisational results.

Along with her Master’s degree, Lisa is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a member and graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, International Change Management Institute and an accredited member of both the Australian and Canadian HR Institutes. She is an accredited NeuroLeadership Coach, Leadership Circle, BeingFirst and People Change Implementation (PCI) change practitioner.  She is a graduate of the Darryl Conner Advanced Change Leader program and holds in Lean, Project Management, Agile and Complex Systems Thinking credentials.

Lisa’s facilitative and stakeholder centric approach supports the achievement of complex organisational transformations especially those which require a significant cultural, mindset or behavioural shift. She is an expert in leading transformation in a human centered way, with a focus on sustainable cultural transformation.

Lisa brings over 30 years of leading culture and ways of working based transformations, for example:

  • Leading culture, operating model, ways of working changes, merger integrations or transformations in organisations using a human centric and co-creative approach.
  • Capability, engagement and leadership that ensures the congruence, accountability and the confidence of organisations in better harnessing the expertise of their organisation, partners and stakeholders.
  • Building confident, courageous and collaborative teams even through complexity, conflict and continuous change so the team can maintain lazer focus on achieving results in a positive way.
  • Team, organisation and culture diagnostics and review processes that helps gain and understanding of current state and support the ability to maintain focus and pace toward the achievement of your Strategic Intent and desired results or impact.
  • Creating programs and solutions that bring about an inclusive and authentic environment where there is a strong sense of belonging, inclusion and collective brilliance.
  • Provocative and engaging facilitation and coaching that aims to unpack ongoing dynamics, engage in honest conversations and bring about a sense of clarity, cohesion and shared commitment.

Here’s a sampling of the organisations Lisa has worked with.

Mining: RioTinto, Thiess, Wesfarmers, Curragh, Oz Minerals, Batchfire

Energy & Resources: TransCanada Pipelines, NOVA Gas Transmission, Shell, PetroCanada, BC Hydro

Government & Health: City of Calgary, Govt of NWT, Western Australia Country Health Services, Queensland Health, BC Cancer, Children’s & Women’s, CDC

Transport & Logistics: Aurizon, Queensland Rail; Canadian Pacific

Consumer (FMCG) & Industrial Supply: Blackwoods, BC Liquor, Tabcorp

Telecommunications & Media: Fairfax Media, Telstra, Tabcorp

Banking, Finance & Insurance: Suncorp, Royal Bank of Canada, First Nations Financial Management Board, Auto & General, Compare the Market

Not for Profit: Uniting Care, Churches of Christ, Canadian Red Cross, Exercise & Sport Science Australia

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