Shrinking Our Inner Circle

During the past few months, having more times than usual to pause and reflect, I’ve done a lot of thinking about my inner circle, the people that truly get me and I them. I have been more intentional about time spent with them.

As Scott Gerber says “As you shrink your inner circle, you’ll begin thinking of yourself as the architect of your environment. As you forge deeper, more authentic relationships with smaller numbers of people who are genuinely important to you, you will gain more context into their wants and needs, and they will likewise develop a fuller understanding of you.”

His words are so true, at times I have mistakenly prioritised people who are on a different path than mine. Who see the world a bit differently. It may have been the perfect path for them but it was not my path. I realised it had begun to take me away from my own passions, interests and beliefs. Not in the stretch and new learnings kind of way but in the wrong direction for me and the person I wanted to be and become kind of way. I complained about my environment but in reality it was me that didn’t fit or belong there with those people. It was me that needed to make a change and be more intentional. Not because of ego or arrogance but because of of my desire to show up differently and have a different kind of impact on the world.

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