Who holds responsibility for our people practices?

What I appreciate the most about a recent LinkedIn post by David Ulrich, renowned author and expert on the role of HR in organisation, was the discussion that ensued about the article, especially the discussion with David and Siobhan McHale, EGM of People and Culture at Dulux group and author of The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change. The discussion was a great reflection of the confusion many organisations face when understanding the role of HR and answering the important question of who owns responsibility for the people side of things in organisations.

Sadly many leaders I have worked with feel comfortable outsourcing the human side of their leadership to the HR Department, or the communication side to the Communications Department and even, at times, the safety side of things to the Safety Department. So too have I seen a few HR, Safety, Change and Communications representatives wash their hands of the impact of their policies or practices on the business because they are confident that the issue sits only with the leader and the leaders aren’t stepping up or they blame it on their belief that their organisation is dysfunctional and unable or unwilling to change.

In reality we ALL have responsibility for the human side of business and outsourcing responsibility or laying blame is preventing organisations from reaching their highest level of greatness.

Being human centered is a mindset. Our mindset, whether human centered, infinite rather than finite or customer centricity drives the action we take. We cannot lead our organisations through crisis or transformation until we all take responsibility for the people practices, outcomes and impacts.

This is the core of the work I am focused on and this focus has never felt more needed or relevant than it does right now.

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