We are a purpose driven organisation. Ask for more details about how our ‘striving startup’ and ‘not for profit/for purpose’ organisation partnership model works.

We offer a number of online and face to face learning programs; advisory and coaching services which center around our mission to raise leadership and organisational capability in leading through change in a human centered way. Programs are available for individuals, teams or an entire organisation or program. Once we have a better understanding your organisational context and the specifics of your transformation we are happy to cater the development programs to your unique needs and industry specific requirements or case studies.

If you’d like to know more about my programs or understand how Lisa can support the transformation work of your Senior Leaders, People Leaders and Change Leads please contact her at

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HCT – Methodology and Playbook for achieving results through Human Centered Transformation

A framework and approach for leading Human Centered Transformations in organisations supported by tools, templates, metrics, roadmaps and workflows

This program is geared toward Change Leads and Business Leaders who are required to deliver change and transformation in their organisation.

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Leadership Program – Leading Organisational Transformation with and through others

A transformational leadership program for people leaders. It provides tangible guidance on how to lead their organisation or teams through crisis, transformation or changes in a human centered way.  The aim is to build capability and understanding of human centered leadership characteristics and practices. 

This program is aimed at supporting Senior Leaders, Business Leaders, Change Leads who have a requirement to lead and guide customer or people centric outcomes.

The program is modular and can be individualised to your organisations needs.  The program can be delivered face to face or virtually and includes a workbook and toolkit of tangible things leaders can do to be more human centered when leading their teams or organisations through change. 

This program qualifies for our purpose led program offering and we would be happy to work together with you to partner with a not for profit or striving startup. If you’d like to learn more about this program you can email Lisa at

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Coaching Program – Intention, Influence and Inspiration

Three dots coaching in the areas of leadership, culture, transformation, transition, organisational development and team effectiveness.

Outcomes are achieved through clarity and a commitment to the pursuit of performance and potential. A willingness to acknowledge the need for improvement and leverage the strengths we bring individually and when working together is the key to organisational performance and results.

Each of us has strengths that we can choose to leverage and develop to assist us in realising our intentions. My aim with Three Dots is to harness your individual and collective strengths and support you on your journey toward excellence. The self you are committed to becoming to have the kind of impact on your team, your organisation and the world that you know is possible.

The Three Dots coaching program offers coaching sessions plus multiple other levers you can pull to design a program and build a network that would best support your development journey. Download this PDF if you’d like to know more about Lisa’s coaching approach.

With a belief that anything is possible and with commitment to action you will be able to achieve your objectives.

Click here to download PDF overview of our programs