The Three Dots Coaching Program


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The Three Dots program, led by Lisa A. Morgan includes coaching, group coaching, access to networks, publications, worksheets, diagnostic tools and virtual learning as well as events.  All of which work together to help to establish confidence and resilience for those who are ready to create a new life for themselves.

To download an overview of the program click: The Three Dots Coaching Program

What’s included?

6 one on one coaching sessions over 6 months plus

Participation in Monthly group coaching events and webinars with guest speakers on topics of interest and relevance to the mastermind group, discussions currently planned are:

  • human centered leadership in a VUCA environment
  • increasing commitment through human centered transformation
  • how inclusive excellence and design thinking enables innovation
  • leading your team through times of complex change and crisis
  • facilitating authentic engagement with your stakeholders
  • having the courage to lead through crisis and build resilience

Access to publications, worksheets, information resources and diagnostic tools to support the Three Dots: Pause, Transition, Begin process.  These are individualised to the leader based on their unique requirements for achieving outcomes and leading their organisation or team more effectively.

Opportunity to a closed group to network with other human centered, entrepreneurial and transformational leaders to gain support, wisdom, accountability and insight on how best to lead human centered transformation and guide your organisation and team through crisis and change.