Our Work

We help you Understand, Unlock & Unleash the power of your organisation’s culture.

Our aim is to increase your Understanding of culture and we use The Culture Barometer tool to assess your organisations cultural maturity and how effective your culture is when it comes to achieving Results Through Culture. With this increased Understanding of the Organisational Capabilities that are helping or hindering your achievement of results, we guide your leaders to Unlock the people related risks that may be getting in the way or slowing things down. Once unlocked, we then partner with you to Unleash your organisation’s potential.

We guide your leaders, teams and organisation toward achieving Results Through Culture and unleash the collective wisdom and capability of your people.

Our engagement with you is bespoke and designed in response to your unique needs and challenges. At a high level though we have identified 3 key outcomes that most organisations are aiming for Provoke, Ignite or Unleash. Once we have had a chat I can support you in deciding which of the three pathways you are ready to head down, or perhaps you decide to pursue a mix of all three.

1. Provoke – leader awareness building workshop (done virtually or in person) with a dialogue workshop and assessment done during the workshop with your leaders and culture champions. This option is great for leadership retreats or conferences and if you want to get a sense of your organisations readiness to take a serious look at the cultural realities that are impacting your Results Through Culture.

2. Ignite – An individualised organisational wide online assessment, done virtually. Provides an overarching cultural maturity assessment as well as a comparitive analysis of various stakeholder groups, leader levels and business areas as defined by you.

3. Unleash – This is our fully customised, advisory option. It is an in-depth cultural re-set program which is a customised approach designed specifically based on the needs of you organisation. It includes a detailed report of qualitative and quantitative analysis and a roadmap for cultural shift based on the diagnostics, a desktop review, one on one interviews; focus groups and response planning workshops. This customised program can also include ongoing support in the form of leadership coaching & cultural learning programs and the facilitation of unlocking sessions and unleashing brilliance co-labs.

We work together with you to design an approach that works with where you are at and we can integrate with or augment your already in place strategies and practices.


UNDERSTAND: Assessing the people related risks and understanding how well your organisation is creating the Conditions for achieving Results Through Culture. When your cultural tensions are unknown or ignored they are perhaps slowing down or preventing you from realising your strategic intent.

UNLOCK: With increased understanding we work with you to deliberately intervene and tackle the cultural tensions which are slowing down or preventing the achievement of results and help develop and embed the Leader Competencies, Cultural Conditions and Organisational Capabilities required for a leader led and collectively owned culture.

UNLEASH: With tensions addressed you are then in a better position to Unleash the power of your organisation’s collective brilliance when achieving results. You are able to harness and engage your organisation in realising not just your Strategic Intent but also the untapped potential that exists when teams thrive.

Please contact us to arrange a free, no obligation conversation to better understand how UNDERSTAND, UNLOCK and UNLEASH and The Culture Barometer can benefit your organisation.


Better understanding your culture; the strengths, tensions, detractors and pressures means you can better respond and be sure to harness the power of your organisations brilliance when achieving results. You will be better able to arrive at your desired future state strong, safe, engaged and commited.

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The Results Through Culture Framework

The Culture Barometer and 5I Leader Program is based on the following Results Through Culture Framework. The Competencies, Conditions, Cultural Capabilites and Channels become your guide and aspiration when leading your organisation to achieve Results Through Culture. The aim is to have you moving along the cultural maturity continuum to the point that you have them deeply embedded in your organisation and you are seen as an industry or sector leader in the realisation of results through culture.

The Conditions for Results Through Culture

The Culture Barometer

The Culture Baromoter is a digital cultural diagnostic tool based on our Results Through Culture Framework, and is able to provide various levels of insight about your organisation’s cultural maturity. It does not focus on employee satisfaction and engagement but instead on the Conditions and Capabilities your organisation can put in place and the Leadership Competencies that enable these Conditions and Capabilities for achieving Results Through Culture.


Navigating through the Blue Zone

Ignoring the cultural tensions that exist can result in your organisation not realising your Strategic Intent when, how and with as much of a positive outcome as you had hoped. The Culture Barometer provides clarity of what is happening across your organisation and what may need to be made a priority to better lead through the blue zone.

Deliberately intervening in and tackling the cultural tensions preventing the achievement of results and establishing the conditions for a leader led and collectively owned culture.


Unleashing Your Potential Using The Unleashing Brilliance Playbook and Processes

Unleashing the power of your organisations collective brilliance in achieving results and embedding the conditions for cultural strength.

The playbook is a guide for leaders and change champions on how to lead Human Centered transformation which demonstrates the Results Through Culture Competencies, Conditions, Capabilities and Channels. It is energised by a commitment to ensure those involved in or impacted by change understand, believe and know what to do (head, heart & hands) when leading transformation that requires the active involvement and engagement of your culture and in fact may require you to lead a cultural shift.

The Playbook leverages Human Centered Design, Change, Lean and Agile practices and supports the experiential and co-created leading of cultural change using the 5 Leadership Competencies of Intent, Insight, Integrity, Influence and Inspiration to support the achievement of Results Through Culture that is Leader Led and Collectively Owned