Ensuring a strong sense of connection when remote working

What can we do to support our employees in working remotely and build a sense of connection all the while ensuring the achievement of results?

As organisations are working toward discovering a new normal, post C-19, this is the most common topic of discussion I’ve had with business leaders lately.

In addition, how can remote working be done in a way that it increases the sense of connection and decreases loneliness?

The business imperative for addressing loneliness is well laid out in a recent HBR article documenting the research done by the team at BetterUp about the prevalence and impact of loneliness in the workplace. A podcast conversation between Brené Brown and Dr Vivek Murthy the author of Together, also highlights the significance of loneliness and the impact it is having on our healthcare systems, communities, organisations and society as a whole.

I’m interested in your own ideas of what can be done to make this shift to remote working a supportive and effective one. Please share any ideas in the comments below.

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