“Lisa is a provocative and insightful facilitator of cultural change in challenging and complex environments.

Her unique ability to see the whole system and guide organisations through the barriers

in a human centered way makes her a phenomenal strategist and guide”

Lisa A. Morgan is the Managing Director of Intent Global Pty Ltd.

Lisa helps organisations gain clarity of their strategic intent: where they are, where they are going and where they need to be. She is able to facilitate the unearthing of areas where norms, culture or operational processes are not aligned with an organisation’s strategic intent.  Lisa works together with leaders and team members to chart a course and framework for closing the gap and enabling high performance in the pursuit of social, financial and organisational results.

Along with her Master’s degree, Lisa is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a member and graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, International Change Management Institute and an accredited member of both the Australian and Canadian HR Institutes. She is an accredited NeuroLeadership Coach, Leadership Circle, BeingFirst and People Change Implementation (PCI) change practitioner.  She is a graduate of the Darryl Conner Advanced Change Leader program and holds in Lean, Project Management, Agile and Complex Systems Thinking credentials.

Lisa’s facilitative and stakeholder centric approach supports the achievement of complex organisational transformations especially those which require a significant cultural, mindset or behavioural shift. She is an expert in leading transformation in a human centered way, with a focus on sustainable cultural transformation.

  • Building, leading and embedding strategies, frameworks and road maps with and through leaders, teams and delivery partners in the achievement of an organisation’s strategic intent.
  • Leading organisational transformation in a human centered and inclusive way to bring about greater commitment and longer-term outcomes. 
  • Facilitating and provoking increased commitment and effectively leading organisations through complex and challenging transformations.
  • Guiding leaders toward inclusive excellence and the leveraging of collective capabilities and leading high performing teams.

If interested you can review Lisa’s LinkedIn profile or download her Bio

Lisa has led organisational effectiveness and transformation initiatives in numerous industries.  Here’s a sampling of the organisations she has worked with.

Mining: RioTinto, Thiess, Wesfarmers, Curragh, Oz Minerals

Energy & Resources: TransCanada Pipelines, NOVA Gas Transmission, Shell, PetroCanada, BC Hydro

Government & Health: City of Calgary, Govt of NWT, Western Australia Country Health Services, BC Cancer, Children’s & Women’s, CDC,

Transport & Logistics: Aurizon, Queensland Rail; Canadian Pacific;

Consumer (FMCG) & Industrial Supply: Blackwoods, BC Liquor, Tabcorp

Telecommunications & Media: Fairfax Media, Telstra, Tabcorp

Banking, Finance & Insurance: Suncorp, Royal Bank of Canada, First Nations Financial Management Board, Auto & General, Compare the Market